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Welcome to my space! I am looking forward to sharing so many things with you!

My name is Tanya Patterson. I am an aspiring author determined to inspire readers with words. In my novels I hope to entertain you as you get lost in my character's stories and lives. Read about their adventures and share in their emotions as they take you into their world. In other words - get lost in a book and enjoy the happily ever after.


In my blog I will share my thoughts and what I have learned on the path I have been taking to a better, happier me.

I strive to live happy every day and make the best of what I have and who I am. I will continue to grow and learn how to be the best me. I plan to share with you tips and tricks on how to find your good. I haven't always been on this path, truthfully for most of my life I feel like I wasn't on any path at all. Join me as I write about the things that helped me make my path unique and ultimately navigate through this chapter of my life.

You also may have noticed my Book page. Feel free to check it out! I have been writing for as long as I can remember and I don't plan to quit! My dream is to become a traditionally published author and have just started my journey. I am excited to share some of my ideas and invite you to follow my dream.

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