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Finding the Good


Finding the Good is a heartwarming story for all.  Although written with young adults in mind this compelling story has been enjoyed by readers of  all ages. Author Tanya Patterson's knowledge and love of horses is portrayed through her characters as she shows us a glimpse of how animals can truly heal the human heart and mind. The novel is a definite page turner packed with real life issues as her characters learn that sometimes the bad things have to happen in order to find the good in life.

Seventeen-year-old Jackie Gates is  not your average runaway.  Desperate for a normal life she finds herself  hundreds of miles from home, in a small town, determined to earn the local scholarship to veterinary school. Her passion for horses and her need to make food and rent money lead her to a job as a farmhand at Starcross Farms. It is here she befriends Dusty Houghton, a local boy struggling with school and his parents' recent divorce. She also finds herself face to face with one of the very reasons she ran away -- her horse, Texas.


After a year of being mistreated and abused, Texas is far from being the horse she used to know. Certain she can mend the damage of his former abuse and keep her identity hidden, she struggles to keep the balance of her new life from tipping into the old one. Just when she is close to finding a solution to keeping the job she needs, the horse she loves, and the boy she has grown too close to, a tragic accident threatens it all. The accident jeopardizes not only her life but adds to the risk of uncovering secrets--and the unasked questions from her past.

A love story written for everyone! Engaging and taps into everyday struggles and life events that we all go through.

Anonymous reader

Wonderfully written story! There is a message here that life can be rocky but hold on to your dream and


what is important and life will bring you to a wonderful place of peace and love.

Anonymous reader

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