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Hey Friends!!! First I will start with the stuff everyone starts with. I will tell you those "anybody can find that out" about me stuff - and then I will tell you about me - the crazy "only my friends know" stuff.

I live in the tiny little town of Portland, Ontario. I am married to my best friend, Scott and we have three boys - Dawson 21, Jarred 18, and Kaden 7. We also have 6 horses, 3 dogs, and 11 chickens. I used to be a horse trainer, coach and boarding barn owner.  Now I write and work when I need to,

I am an introvert. Occasionally accused of being shy as I choose a small tribe of people who I allow close to me. I am absolutely a twelve year old horse crazy girl inside a 44 year old's body! - yup I just told you my age. I have some form of ADD and OCD (the everything must be clean and organized kind - not the numbers or matching sock type) but its what makes me me. I drive an older truck because we get each other and cars scare the bejeepers out of me. Everything I own has a name - truck's name is Happy and the leaf blower is Rocket. I love to read - pretty much anything as long as it is interesting. I wouldn't pass up a good chick flick or drama but I am obsessed with the Avengers Series. I have watched them all at least 50 times!  I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up but I am sure of one thing and that is that I want to be happy so I'm going to do what makes me happy until I figure it out.

I became a blogger to share some of my ideas and experiences and help others who may be on the same path. As an Author I guide my characters through real life issues in hopes to reach out and help someone in a similar situation. Life can get hard and lead us away from where we want to go. I have been there and thought I was alone in my journey but I assure you there are others just like me. With their help I was able to change my perspective and find the good in my life. I look forward to the chance to help someone else do the same in theirs. 

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