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  • Tanya Patterson

Enjoy the Ride

I knew when I wrote my last post that I had a "contradicting idea" to follow. The idea that we don't always have to, or need to look to the next thing. We as humans are always trying to rush to the next step in life. When is it ever time to stop and take a breath? Stop and smell the flowers? Read the book? Enjoy what we have? Now before you second guess my sanity - hear me out. I am, absolutely that person that promotes personal growth. The one who encourages you to follow your arrow, change what you don't like, fix the broken....but I'm also going to tell you to live in the moment and love who you are today. Those moments together. Those tiny little moments pieced together are the ride.

So many times we get caught in where we want to be instead of enjoying where we are - as we are moving forward. Remember there was a day when, where we are right now, was where we wanted to go? Somewhere on the way we moved the marker and our destination got pushed further away. It happens in so many ways in our lives that we have just become accustomed to doing it. I'll be happy when I'm done school, when I get a job, when I meet someone, when we get married, when we get our own place, once we get a bigger place, after I have kids, when the kids grow up, once I'm retired, when I loose weight, after I........ there will always be something - until there is nothing.

There will always be something - until there is nothing. I don't have to tell you that we are NOT promised the next phase of our lives. We are not promised the next year of our lives, the next month, the next week, the next day...we aren't even sure of the next moment. We are not promised the next moment of the lives of our friends, family or the beings we love. So find the moment and live in it, love it, embrace it and love where you are - love who you are in it. Life is not about being perfect or on schedule. It is about those little moments that have added up to big moments. Don't be so busy moving on to the next phase to enjoy the one your in. Don't be too busy wanting to be somewhere else on your journey to enjoy the ride you are on right now.

There are so many things to be grateful for and thankful for right in this very moment. Lets take it a step further than that and help others to enjoy theirs. Love who they are in their moment. Help them grow - absolutely! But allow them to love the person they are right now. Regardless of what stage they are in and where they are. It is so much easier to find our good if we are looking from a place of love and gratitude and what way to show more gratitude then by helping others.

So say the words, do the things, loose the weight, get the job, buy the house, learn the things....BUT......enjoy the ride.

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