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  • Tanya Patterson

Follow Your Arrow

I totally agree!! But in order to follow your arrow - you have to actually shoot it.

Change is inevitable if you are looking to change.........Change is GOING to happen if you are looking to change....Change MUST happen if you are looking to change. NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES!

Do it! Throw it and follow your arrow!

“Let it go and understand that it may fall somewhere you have never been. The path to a better you could be, and often is, a place you have never gone.”

You have made the decision to become a better you. You have read all of the books. Listened to all the podcasts and talked to all the people. Now what? Now you have to throw the arrow and follow it. As corny as that may sound it is true. I have been there. I have listened to books and self help speakers and motivational talks. I would get fired up and talk about all the things I was going to do. I would feel empowered and stronger as their words encouraged me to make the changes in my life that I needed to make in order to become a better me.....Then I would do all of the things I needed to get done to survive until the next day and start all over. I would continue doing the same things everyday with these enormous plans to change my life but I wasn't changing anything.

I was too afraid to let go of the things I knew would carry me to the next day. Even though I wasn't happy I knew the results and knowing the results was safe. Even though my plan was to live a better life, to find my good in life, to grow and flourish - it was still change, and change was scary......I was afraid to let go of the arrow.

Start with one thing.

The excuse I always had was that the things I needed to change were out of my control. As much as that was true at the time I needed to break the cycle and train my mind. So...I found something I could change to start with, something I could control. Funny thing is if you shut the door on all the excuses there are so many things you have control over. I started with weight loss. I figure that if I wanted to change the things on the inside and learn to like the person I was then I would start on the outside. At the very least I could control what I put in my own mouth. I had dieted before and quit or failed so what was so different that this time it was going to work? This time I made a promise to myself and I was not going to break it. I got a plan. I bought a journal and I kept track of everything I wanted to do and the steps I was taking to do them. I'm not a fitness expert so I ordered a program and I followed it EXACTLY how they laid it out for me. I stuck to it. Every time I hit a hard spot I reminded myself how badly I wanted this change and in order to get it I needed to keep going. I started day by day. I became determined to succeed and soon I started getting results.

These books that you read and talks that you listen to tell you that success will happen. They tell you that things will change. They want you to succeed. They want you to improve and grow and live your best life. Chances are each and every one of them was in a similar situation in life. Somehow they found the courage to let go and follow their arrow.

l started with one idea at a time and I worked toward the result I wanted until I got them then I moved on to the next. It is not easy but change never is. I think the one important thing to remember is that there is no end destination. You are not going somewhere. It's a path and a journey that will continue. We get stuck in what is normal and even though it may not be good we continue to do it as it is something we know - because something we don't know is scary.

Change is inevitable, if you are looking to change.........Change is GOING to happen, if you are looking to change....Change MUST happen

“Don't just stand there; follow the path.”

Once you make the decision make that your number one thought. I committed to 30 days on the first diet. I didn't give myself a goal weight I just gave myself some rules. I followed the plan EXACTLY as they told me - they are the experts - then I did every little thing I could to help. I parked at the farthest end of the parking lot and walked when I went anywhere. I made all of the trips up the stairs instead of leaving a pile at the bottom and waiting until I went up. I created a two mile Tuesday and I walked an extra two miles every Tuesday. I ate at a different time than the rest of my family so I didn't eat what they ate. I got extreme. I got obsessed, I got real.......I lost 25 pounds.

Aim, Shoot, Follow, Repeat

Think of it this way--you shoot an arrow and it has a direct path in the direction you shot it. It goes straight until it gradually descends to the ground which is your temporary destination. Pick it up and shoot it again - maybe this time you will go a different direction.

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